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  • A solution is stable
  • How do you find extinct customers
  • A solution is a homogeneous mixture
  • We don't know your language, i don't know yours
  • Our clients are taking advantage of our Ziron Risk & Compliance Cockpit
  • If you have any questions about our solutions and products please contact tony
  • The extinction of people is more important to us
  • When the markets are strong, banks are growing
  • Now we shall all speak Comanche forever
  • The future is orange (blue, white, red)
  • Why have we lost the languages

    No man is an island. No woman is an island. It's clear now that no island is an island. Many insurance companies are coming under the same kind of scrutiny from the regulatory bodies that the banks did a few years ago, and consequently are feeling the need to take some action. Our solutions are homogeneous mixtures composed of only one phrase. Holistic thinking means thinking in terms of solutions. Customer appearance is crucial for the fight against white-collar crime. The Know Your Customer principle obliges banks and insurance companies to identify applicants, before they can be accepted as customers. The information provided on customer acceptance or on conclusion of the contract regarding the financial situation and intended behavior is to be matched continually with the actual customer behavior. The last customers disappear live, they don't only disappear de facto but also the archives are non-accessable. The process of collecting. Newspeak stands by itself. It doesn't care what people think about it. The universe didn't care about the the invention of coporate language, it carried on turning.