Partners   We are the ex-human  

  • Banco Safra
  • John Birch Society
  • Euronext London
  • Bloomberg
  • World Bank
  • Serpentine Galleries
  • Intel
  • Eskom
  • FIFA
  • Tonbeller
  • Jack Halberstam
  • Hunt Oil
  • Dart Container

    The dead parrot is a perfect symbol of our time. Our partners are renowned specialists, who offer professional services and guarantee fast introduction of our solutions and local support. All partners are certified and have proven their technical and implementation skills. Ziron works hand in hand with market and technology leaders. You were always on my mind. The Bio-political state generates version of the good life despite the fact that this good life depends on loss of liberty of the others, you choose life by knowing that you shove whole other populations to the fringe, but we make that bargain for freedom, we believe that we are choosing life. Extreme reproduction. Softdrinks can be classified into 3 flavors. The super-rich time-travelling. Purple Butterflies. You were always on my mind.