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  • Achieve transparency
  • Top-management cockpits
  • Solutions follow business
  • Embargo and sanction list monitoring
  • Network business demands network solutions
  • De-extinction. There are people who worry nature is somehow fragile
  • Necropolitics, Green Markets & Fast Death
  • The grand finale, the escape compendium
  • If that is life, i choose drugs
  • Every era has its zombies
  • Die Ausloeschung
  • Deephorizon

    We start with declining populations of corporations on the near end of the spectrum, followed by those suffering severe bottlenecks or that are extinct in the wild. A crisp and clear analysis of the decision-making processes we engage with when discussing climate change and extinction. The Archive enables a resurrection of the extinct. The corporation of nothingness, of extinction. You should be afraid of this, you will see. Not thinking is possible. All of our thinking has been wrong. All our lilves we constantly inhale and exhale, no one thinks anything. Not making money is the biggest fear of the corporation. Zombie corporations are even worse than living ones. Fame for as long as possible. The truth can triumph over time? You only need a few hours to write a report. Guenter Brus in zombie attire.